Can't Lower Fan speed


Feb 7, 2009

I just purchased the XFX 9600 GSO 1GB video card

the fan on it is way too loud. I am trying to figure out how to lower the fan speed. I will not be gaming on it at all & the temps are already very low.

I tried
- RivaTuner 2.22
- EVGA Precision 1.4
- NVIDIA System Tools 6.03

No matter I use it wont change the Fan speeds. I just downloaded the latest drivers from XFX & then the latest from Nvidia.

I cant get the fan speeds lowered.

Can anyone help me ?

Thank you,


Jul 8, 2009
i dont think theres anything u can do(i have the same card, same problem). ive tried all those plus ntune and nothing works, so i contacted xfx about this, this is what they say "Thanks for you message regarding your 9600GSO fan constantly being at 100%. This in fact is not a defect but was done in an effort to help our customers. Many customers were a bit concerned with the temperature of their next generation graphics card as they are capable of running warmer then previous generations. To help ensure the longevity of our customers purchase we designed the fan to run at 100% for maximum cooling. If you are not happy with the noise from your video card we do have a fan adapter that we can send. This adapter reduces the noise from the fan while still allowing the fan to properly cool the video card." so i had them send me the new "low noise" fan, when i got it and put it on it still is just as load as the other one. i think the only difference is that it says "low noise" on it. So i think were just out of luck