[SOLVED] cant reset my cmos on my asrock x470 master sli/ac

Mar 1, 2019
i am unable to reset my cmos on my MB i have looked up how to do it corectly but it doesnt reset. i reciently updated to version 3.30 and for some reason asrock made this BIOS version unable to overclock which makes no sence to me as to why would i buy an x470 MB if i wasnt going to overclock.....Asrock tells me i have to send it into there service dept so they can do it an i do not want to be without my computer for a month again as it was already in for a manufacturer defect and they kept it for over 3 weeks. what i did was unplug the computer after shutting down, wait 15 seconds and then i used a screwdriver to jump the reset for 5 seconds then waited a little while before plugging back in and rebooting but my BIOS was still at 3.30.....i tried it both with the CMOS battery left in place and with it removed but get same results can anyone help me here im about to buy a new MB and i really dont want to!