Catalyst Control Center install problem


Oct 8, 2014
I recently convinced my parents to let me update the computer to Windows 7 from windows XP... So I had to re install Catalyst.... When I installed it I noticed it was installing stuff I didn't want (Microsoft visual basic 2007 or something like that) so I cancelled the install... and re installed it without that stuff.... but I cant open any Catalyst programs... so I tried to uninstall it... but it says I need to repair it... but when I repair it, it says I can't repair it... so I just tried running the installer again... but it doesn't help...
The "extra Microsoft Visual Basic" items you are referring to are usually required to run some programs. By default, Windows doesn't load them all the time, and if a program uses newer technology for their program, you need the updated .NET (or visual basic) plugins - this is what they are installing.

There are "tools" that the program uses to interface with the computer. As they add tools, developers will use them to make the program (or in this case drivers) "better"....and if you don't have the updates for these tools, their code won't work.