Mar 27, 2012
For the past XX years, consumers were told that CD/DVD disks would last for, at least, thousands of reads/writes. Not so anymore. I'm currently running Windows XP Pro-32 bit. And the only brand that will work on my System is Memorex. I've tried other brands, but they always screwed up on either reads or writes. Memorex is the only brand that will work on my System. I've noticed within the past few years, that they only last for about 4 or 5 reads/writes. And then the disk becomes a "coaster". The RWs are good for data that changes. The recordable disks usually last a while.

If the only brand of media that will work in your system is Memorex then your problem is your CD/DVD burner, not the discs.

If you have a good quality burner it will have more of a "tolerance" and will be able to handle discs that are not of the same quality as Memorex.

Time to upgrade your burner. :)