Question Change router or add access point?

My current router/modem is quite good for a provided one, but it's wi-fi coverage isn't enough for me.
should I add an access point and disable the wifi on the provided router?

If not, then should I change the router itself? also, if I do that, will it also act like a modem, or do I need to keep the old router/modem, and just connect it to the new router?


If your crib can make do with a higher powered router(meaning higher gain/range for the antenna's) then that would be an easier solution whereby the router is located centrally in your crib to emanate the WiFi signal to all devices. The other thing to note, is if relocating the router to a central position in your crib helps with you not spending any money at all.
Not sure you are going to find a "better" router. The actual distance the signals go is based on transmit power and is regulated by the government. Almost all routers put out the legal maximum. In most cases the problem is the end device because many times they have small antenna and low power radios to save battery. So replacing the router likely will make no difference. Now some routers work better in certain houses than others for reasons you can't explain because it depends how the house is built. You can't actually try every router and is why reviews are all over the place because people are in effect reviewing their house and not the router.

Just adding a AP to your router should help BUT the key to this is your AP is place in a location that can provide better signal to the end device. It does not good to put it right next to the router. All you did was swap out 1 wifi radio for another and they are all pretty much the same related to coverage. If you have a ethernet cable to some remote room and you place a AP on the end that should greatly improve your coverage.n In many cases you would leave the wifi enabled on the router.

Or as mentioned above you can just move the router to a more central location if that is possible.