Question Change system fonts & sizes via the Registry?


Jan 10, 2006
I wish to custom set my Windows 10 system fonts and sizes without an app, but rather, via the Registry.

Elements in question:
~ Title bar font
~ Menu font
~ Message box font
~ Palette title font
~ Icon font
~ Tooltip font

Is there way to set all these in one registry key, save the key, and just import it into the Registry? Thanks in advance.


Registry editing is not at all a recommended solution to any problem(s).

However, I will concede to and not question per se your requirements for specific custom fonts.....

Generally, I consider Registry editing as a last resort and to be attempted only after a full system backup,

That said then you can try any number of things,

For example:

Honestly not sure about how granular you can go with respect to the listed elements in question.

And the associated fonts you require.

Overall, the answers to your questions are likely in some published, very detailed book about the Registry.

A long time ago i worked on a Government contract where we hired a person who actually wrote and published a book about the Registry. Her purpose was to help determine and implement registry tweaks applicable to the Government customer's requirements. Well and good.

But some things that the Government wanted were not even within the scope of registry "tweaks". Almost a demand for a new OS.


Feb 17, 2019
Warning: A single mis-placed/deleted/incorrect character in the registry could FUBAR your entire windows installation..... been there, done that :)

Messing with the registry should be an absolute last resort to ANY issue, and even then should ONLY be done by someone who knows EXACTLY what they are doing...