Question Change Youtube 'Share to Email' setting?

Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021
Hello All,

I don't know how to change this now that it has selected something once?
I've looked online but others who have also tried had found that everyone seemed to misunderstand what they were asking.

I'm not talking about the email account used to log in to Youtube etc ok!

Here's an image to show you what I mean - I can't show you an image of the list of other email programs it offered at first because it won't let me get that far any more?


If you click the Share button in Youtube (while logged in), click on the Email button and at first it gave me a bunch of options for programs to send it too...

I selected Outlook as I use Hotmail... but pretty sure I said 'just once'?

Anyway - it tried to open it in that lame built in 'download it all first' old office style Outlook in Windows which no one uses - don't want that.
I closed it as it wasn't set up anyway and it then switched automatically to open the Outlook/Hotmail app which I have set up in Windows.

That's cool... but I'd like to see how it 'autopopulates' the email in other programs as it only just provided the link and that's it.
Eg if I share a link from youtube on my phone via Gmail - it autopopulates the Subject, link, thumbnail and title of video etc... very handy.

So I want to try other programs like that.

Any idea how I can change this setting?

Thank you for your help


Win 11 Master
So a smart search would be "reset the email client choices in Youtube share menu" but that requires a search engine that works. I know what you want, I just can't find an answer. Be easier without google giving me all the answers to questions I didn't ask.

have you tried on another browser? Just curious if the setting is set to your Youtube account or the browser. if its saved to browser, just reset or reinstall browser. If saved to account, you would think there is an option to clear it... I don't see it anywhere.

Should be a way to do it without resetting the default email client on pc.

really, one way to play with how it does it would be to set up a VM with software like shadow defender that can be used to create an environment that you can play in and then roll back to a working state afterwards

you might need to ask on here -
most of the topics on Youtube help is for creators, not viewers. But they should be able to tell you there.
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