Changed a few boot options, now stuck with BSOD. Left clueless; need help


Jun 8, 2014
BSOD help:(
Changed my boot settings in msconfig:
Under BOOT
-Checked "boot log"
-Checked "OS Boot information"
-disabled IntelAppUp something... (Wasn't used)
-disabled iTunes

Clicked apply, then OK.
Said to restart now or later, I selected restart now.

Issue: computer shows VAIO logo, lists a bunch of what I'm guessing is the log info, after a 5minute "Please Wait..." underneath, it says boot logging enabled for 5-10minutes.
Right after, it flashes the Blue Screen of Death and restarts to two options:
1) launch Repair tool (recommended)
2) start windows normally
Option 2 becomes a loop
Option 1 got me to 4+ restarts, tried system restores, used command prompt and read forums on regback trick and copied my system, Sam, and the other (security?) and that too didn't work. The dates were after the occurrence.

Notes: I remember seeing "bugcheck 74 Parameters: 0x2"...
Failed system restores
"Registry corrupted"

I've tried enabling low-red video, safe mode, safe mode w/ networking, safe mode w/ command prompt, last known config, and starting normally.

All end up showing naps eventually. *once I did get to the windows login screen, was zoomed in and/or low res so I thought safe mode, but welcome appeared, loading circle kept circling, then bsod again. The last digits were ...0000074 too.

Some specs: Sony Vaio vpceb47gm
Intel i5 480m (1st gen)
Intel hd graphics
4gb ram ddr3
Windows 7 professional 64bit

I backed up my files last year, but never made a "windows recovery back up or disc" or own a repair cd.
I have access to another desktop PC at home, as well as a WD 1.5 my passport external hd, partitioned for both ps3 back up(fat32) and the rest for the laptop (NTSC? I forget).

Help needed guys. Step by step process, savvy and a learner, but not fully knowledgeable-no expert (obviously lol)
That's why I'm here putting some faith in this community. I'm hanging on every reply

Thanks in advance,