Question Changed half of my specs now pc wont/barely boot

Sep 29, 2020
Hey there guys

I’ve changed my system to these parts: mobo(Gigabyte B450M S2H), cpu(Ryzen 3100), and my ram(G.Skill Aegis 8x2 3200 c16)
After deleting partitions and formatting my drives I installed Win 10 when it did restart it took around ~25mins to boot into the setup, I thought after the updates It will get normal boot times but I was wrong it did the same time.

Im really hopeless, I tried my brother nvme but that didnt boot up either tried the rams as well but same luck.

The boot pattern is like this my mobo logo is on with the windows 10 loading circle the weird thing is that the circe starts to lagg.

I have no clue whats happening or what causes this weird thing.

My mobo has the latest bios but about the other drivers Im not sure.

Thanks in advance for any of you who will try to help, if i left out some info please tell me.