Question Changing PC Components: What should I consider when I move my HardDisks/Sata SSDs/NVMEs to a new motherboard/CPU/RAM?

Feb 12, 2023
I received the components necessary for me to upgrade my old CPU (intel i7-9700) to the AM5 platform (R7 7700X), though I have doubts regarding the rest of my drives.
Besides the C drive (which I will completely wipe and then reinstall Windows), I worry about the other drives. They have games, videos, programs, installers, etc, roaming free in dozens of folders. I have more drives besides the C one, and I wonder what should I do with them before I move them from my old Motherboard, to a new one, to avoid any issues.
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Full OS reinstall, on the desired drive, when that drive is the ONLY one connected.
Reconnect the others later.

You mention one of the other drives has Programs? These applications were installed on this other drive?
Sadly, they will not work with the new OS. They will need to be reinstalled as well.