Question Changing power and temperature in Gpu !

Nov 16, 2020
I am using Inno3d rtx 3070 ichill x4
In inno3d tuneit app there is power and target option !
Usually it is set to 100% power and 83degree target
While hardcore gaming gpu temps reach 87 degrees
Now when i use the inno3d app set the power and target lower than default .. temperature in gaming goes down whatever i select the temperature.. and event went at 41% usage and 65 degrees temp..
So i want to know is this safe for gpu ? Should i do it or not?
Any help would be appreciated!
Can you post a picture of the tuneit app?
These options are usually power limiters used to adjust the max power the GPU can use. When you adjusted it down you most likely also affected performance. Did you notice any framerate difference? What is the exact model of your monitor?
What I would do is slowly adjust the power up from 85% (in 5% intervals) and see what your average core speed is after 20 mins of a GPU demo (like Unigine Valley looping). As long as it's stable you want to find the spot where you get the highest consistent GHz speed AND highest framerates.
Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just adjusting the power to 100%. I've recently seen lower power settings yield better/higher FPS. It will take some testing and time but you should be able to find the sweet spot.
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