Question Changing the Cable of my PSU after moving from France To Canada?

Dec 16, 2020
Hey everyone, and sorry if this lacks important elements, it's my first post :oops:

I've built myself a nice computer 2 years ago when living in France, and recently moved in Canada (2 days ago) with the said computer (specs below).
My computer & the PSU came with an European (EU) plug, and now that I'm in Canada (US plugs), with different plugs and power voltage (220v vs 110v), i'm not too sure on how to proceed :
  • Can I just plug the european cable on a plug converter and plug directly in the power outlet?
  • Should I buy a new power cable with a US plug and plug this into my computer & the wall?
  • Or do I need some kind of converter?
Thanks a bunch :)

Main specs:
PSU : Cooler Master V1000, Full Modular 80+ Gold Certified 1000W Power Supply
GPU : GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC BLACK 11G Gygabyte
CPU : ryzen 7 2700x (i think, if not 3700x)
Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk


Being that...that specific model of power supply has the auto-ranging feature on the input don't have to be concerned with setting a voltage switch.

So this is what I would do...

"buy a new power cable with a US plug and plug this into my computer & the wall "



Any quality power supply these days will have active power factor correction. Your PSU, for example, one of the very best Cooler Master has ever sold has a spec of handling an input voltage ranging from 90 to 264. So you just need the proper shaped plug.

Things like hair dryers don't have this (at least cheap ones, I don't do enough with my hair to buy anything fancy), which is why you sometimes see people blowing them out in other countries. These you have to select the proper voltage on a switch.