Charges of Espionage Completely False, Says Arma 3 Dev

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Apr 3, 2001
[citation][nom]ConstantineBB[/nom]What would have happened if the same thing would have taken place in the states? Do you think they would even be allowed a lawyer under the patriot act?[/citation]If they shot photos and video from a public road and other public, non-restricted places? You're right, they wouldn't have a lawyer - because there would be no charges.[citation][nom]nameless45674[/nom]if Bohemia Interactive really wanted to do something like that in a proper way, wouldn't a simple QUESTION to the Greek government for a permit be enough?[/citation]For WHAT? Did you read the article? They were filming stuff in public places as tourists. Not secretly documenting military installations for use in Arma 3. As Capulet pointed out, the hangers are located at an international airport! They didn't need a permit, and they didn't do anything wrong.


Sep 6, 2012
[citation][nom]TheCapulet[/nom]Know what else is impossible to find? The law regarding taking images of Greek military assets. It's not there. I've asked several people to help, along with one Greek lawyer. It exists, they assure me. But it's very clear that it's not publicly accessible information.[/citation]

Either you were too bored to really look it up or your Greek lawyer isn't much of one. Here:

The case is so (2 years of imprisonment, unless heavier charges are applicable) and it doesn't make any exception about covert or not military bases.

Now I know it's in Greek and you, being all that anti-Greek, won't bother translating it, but for the sake of objectivity do so. It's just moronic to talk like that about the law of a country you obviously barely know things about.

By the way, why is it so, that every time a Greece-related subject emerges on the Internet, someone always talks about the economy, even if it has nothing to do with the subject in question?

All I can guess is that you're probably pretty pissed your nice video game won't be coming out for a while. Personally, when it comes to national security, I wouldn't care if the entire video game industry was brought to its knees by that event.


I'm sorry to say this...but I have little Sympathy. WHY take photo's, like that...In a Country, which is, known to be a bit Over the top perhaps, with Photography?

Have people learned nothing from the British Planespotters who also were arrested?..... A pointless exercise, as even if the game was going to boast great, Greek Scenery...No-one would know it was Greece (or probably even care)...and plenty of images and film on the Net to use...including Google Earth.

I suspect they will be released (as where the Plane Spotters) after Greece has taught them a lesson!....but extremely stupid people!

The Greeks are merely protecting their National Interests, and the Greek People...I sometimes wonder if the sort of people who design, and play these games, think the World is like their fantasy?
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