[SOLVED] Cheap aliexpress mechanical keyboard

Jul 9, 2018
Hello, I need a mechanical keyboard (for gaming), but my budget is pretty low, so I thought that buying a knockoff in aliexpress would be a good idea, so my question is:
Do you know any mechanical keyboard that is decent, has brown or red switches, is tenkeyless or 60% and is under 40 USD? (RGB is not necessary, but if it has, better) (They can be from eBay, Amazon, aliexpress or another page that you think is more or less reliable).
PD: I'm from Chile, and the cheapest keyboard that is sold cheaper is the Redragon Kumara K552 at 55 USD.
PD 2: If there are not good options, feel free to recommend more expensive products.


You are looking at the knock-off switches at that price. This is not bad, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MS8YTYX/ref=psdc_12879431_t1_B01M0QEYR4 my son got one, I had one for a day but it had an odd metalic ping when typing that I did not like. Others were not bothered by it, and it did not happen with all the keys. That is the trade off you make for cheaper products though. To get a good all around keyboard you are looking at about double your budget.

This for $70 is a good deal https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-Alloy-FPS-Pro-Ultra-Compact/dp/B074F5L8GQ/ref=sr_1_24?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1548285509&sr=1-24&keywords=cooler+master+keyboard

You can also check local stores and used equipment sites, if something like Craigslist is in your area. In the US BestBuy actually has good deals on keyboard, even lower than Amazon and Newegg for some models like this one https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cooler-master-ck552-wired-gaming-mechanical-gateron-red-switch-keyboard-with-rgb-back-lighting-pure-black/6224504.p?skuId=6224504