Cheap Gaming computer, your thoughts

Hi, let me point something out,

cheap and gaming should not be used in the same sentence when it comes to laptops. Unless the games you're planning to play are minecraft and minesweeper.

Look for a laptop with at least a 540m, better if fits into your budget. If none of the 540m models fit your budget, then I'm sorry but you'll have to settle for integrated graphics of AMD A10 or Intel HD 3000/4000 (both of which frankly aren't that great for gaming)

shad0w snip3r

Sep 9, 2012
Here's an idea. buy an older, higher end laptop. I have a medioker laptop that can max minecraft 30fps and i think it's like 250$ new these days. If your budget is high buy an old alienware or summin


Sep 10, 2012


If you're doing homework, watching / editing videos / pics, playing a couple games, as long as you don't HAVE to be mobile (taking your computer to class) then a $500 desktop will destroy a $500 laptop and play all modern game titles, not on Ultra but medium & high (Ultra is possible depending on setup and resolution).

Also the experience you gain from doing the research, reading reviews, asking questions and finally ordering your components and building your rig is invaluable.