Choose a program to open with" screen pops up for every program windows vista


Dec 17, 2011
choose a program to open with" screen pops up for every program. windows vista
I had the vista 2012security virus. the virus is gone but i cant directly open any program. I have to right click then Start to execute. No Task manager. Its has affected most exe programs


Ah, I've dealt with ones like this.

Check this out.

The one you will be concerned with is particularly you want to download the

FixNCR.reg (


It will download a registry file that you will double click on, and it should restore the functionality. I've actually been fighting this one also. After you fix that, I would immediately download malwarebytes, spybot, and superantispyware, install and update all of them, reboot into safe mode, and run scans with all 3. Also when you reboot after those scans, go into Control Panel-->System-->System Protection, and turn off System Restore, this will delete all of your old system restore points in case malware is hiding in them. Then create a new one, maybe call it "Clean" or something. Next I would download avast free antivirus from, uninstall your current antivirus if you have one, and install avast, register it, update, and have it run a boot time scan and delete anything it finds.


Oh, one more thing, before you do what I suggested, I know one more trick. If you click on Start Menu-->Computer-->C drive-->Windows-->system32. Inside the System32 folder you want to look for this file.


That file should be the actual .exe file for the System Protection panel you normally would access in control panel. Since Vista Security 2012 breaks the links, go to that file as described, Right Click on it, and tell it "Run As Administrator" That should get you to your system protection screen, which should allow you to run System Restore to a point before Vista Security 2012 got into your system, maybe 5-6 days ago. Then download and run all the antispyware/antivirus tools described to finish cleanup. I would still after these points though, suggest that you delete all system restore points to reduce chances of reinfection.