Choosing a hard drive


Dec 3, 2011
I currently have a 120 gb ssd and am looking for storage for all my stuff so I don;t fill up my ssd. So I was wondering, should I invest in an internal hard drive or external? I do have usb 3.0 so an external shouldn't be slow. What do you guys think? What are the pros and cons of each in my current situation?

Thanks! :D
If i had to pick one i'd go internal. In my expierence internal drives last longer then their external counterparts. It's also better to use the internal SATA ports for storage drives and leave the USB 3.0 port available for an external backup.


May 1, 2010
I only use the SSD for the OS, everything else goes to separate internal drives. I recommend buying two identical internal drives for your storage (1TB+ each) and do regular backups via Acronis or other imaging software. External USB drives are great for portability and backups, but buy the enclosure and drive separate so you don't end up with a crappy soldered on USB connector like the WD Passports. keep in mind that external drives get dropped and generally seem to fail more quickly than their internal counterparts, plus they are significantly slower. Anything with moving parts will eventually fail so try to cram as much storage into your PC as possible. (external NAS systems are great too if you want to be able to access data from anywhere in your network, stream to TV's etc).