Choosing between cheaper but faster second hand RX 580 and a newer version



I'm looking at purchasing a second hand RX 580 XFX GTR-S Black Ed. and was wondering if it would be worth the risk. I can buy a new 580 PowerColor Red Dragon for five euros extra but I know the XFX has the higher clock speed (roughly 1400 v 1250 mhz). I'm cautious as I know it may have been used for mining in the past. Any advice would be
greatly appreciated :)


Clock speeds are useless for a buyer, any gpu can see OC to something close or equitable, which really only adds 5fps ±. Clock speeds are only good for a seller, 'oh this card is faster than most so you get better fps'.

So what you end up with is basically a used card, that may or may not have seen any mining abuse, that has 0 vendor warranty and questionable manufacturers warranty (nobody will accept warranty for a card that's seen mining abuse, and ppl will insist it has as it's an AMD Rx580) vrs a brand new card, vendor warranty, manufacturers warranty and a guarantee its never seen mining abuse? For 5€ that's a no brainer.

if the 2nd hand one is from an independent seller from a site like ebay then i would avoid.