Choosing Between My CPU’s for a VR Gaming/Streaming Build (United States)

May 2, 2018
Hi, I'm currently doing a somewhat massive overhaul on my current computer. I'm planning on using this system for light streaming, gaming, and Virtual Reality with games such as Skyrim VR and so on. I'm hoping to play at 1080p with 60+ fps on High-Ultra as well as streaming on the side. (Sidenote: Freesync monitors are definitely an upgrade from my current one in the future).

I have the following:

RAM: 1x16 gb Patriot Viper DDR4 at 3000MHz (I was going to get 2x8 however I came
across this for a steal at $90 for the RAM)

GPU:RX 580 Armor w/ 8gb

HDD:WD Blue 1tb HardDrive

SSD:Samsung 850 Evo 250gb

PSU:Corsair Cx650 Watt Bronze Certified

Now, my question is in regards with the CPU+Mobo. I have several choices available to me
and am not sure which would be the best in terms of future proofing and price to
performance as i'm on a rather tight budget and want to know if the price jump is worth the cost differnce

Ryzen 1600 w/ an MSI B350 TOMAHAWK CPU - $219.98 ($199.00 after rebate)
Ryzen 1600x w/ an MSI B350 TOMAHAWK CPU - $249.98 ($229.00 after rebate)
Ryzen 1700 w/ an ASRock AB350M Pro4 CPU - $249.98 (no rebate)
Ryzen 2600x w/ an ASRock AB350 Pro4 CPU - $269.98 ($249.98 after rebate)
Ryzen 2600x w/ a Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 CPU - $279.98 ($259.98)

These are the options i'm currently with, of these, which do you guys think would be the best choice.



Aug 18, 2014
of these the ryzen 1700 - the 8 core 16 threads cpus are the best for streaming.

also if you decide to get a 2XXX series I would get an x470 mobo to maximise on the new all core boost tech (not the 350's).

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