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Nov 10, 2013
Hi folks. I'm looking to build a new gaming rig. Previously, I built one in 2013 which was considered high-end (but not super high-end). It used a GTX780 at that time, and in 2017 due to a power surge, I had to replace the GPU with a GTX1070 (other parts remained the same).

Anyway, I'm starting to feel the PC's age, so I'm looking to build a new one. I've looked at some parts and done a little research here and there, but would appreciate the opinions of folks who know more about this than I do. I'm NOT particularly restricted on budget, but I want to get something that balances premium and value, and hopefully get another 6 years or more out of the new rig (futureproof).

Oh, and I'm looking to purchase this in the next 1-2 weeks.

I've inquired with my usual PC builders, and here's the preliminary list of parts have been recommended:

CPU: Intel Core i7-9700k
MOBO: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi
GPU: EVGA Geforce RTX2080
RAM: GSKILL TridentZ RGB 2x8GB DDR4 3200mhz
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 NVMe 1TB
PSU: FSP Hydro PTM 750 (80+ Plat/Full Modular)
Case: Coolermaster Mastercase H500P
Cooler: NZXT Kraken X72

The few parts I do know I definitely want, are the RTX2080, the 16GB of RAM, the 1TB NVMe SSD.

Here's the stuff that I dont know, or am having trouble deciding:

1. CPU. I chose the Intel i7-9700k because I saw it ranked the best CPU for gaming currently. However, if I get this, do I need to overclock it? If I don't overclock it, would I be wasting the specialty of the chip?

2. Mobo. I've been informed the i7-9700k pairs with the Z390 Mobo sets. However I'm seeing that there are variations of the MOBO. Example, the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi, the Aorus Elite, Aorus Ultra, the Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming. Whats the difference and based on my other intended parts? And is there a certain level of Mobo that is required to bring out the performance of my other components?

3. Cooler. I initially looked at the Coolermaster ML240R, but then was told it was insufficient cooling for the i7-9700k. The PC builders recommended the NZXT Kraken X72. Could I use the CM ML360R instead? Would that be better? (it's definitely cheaper)

4. Case. Any recommendations on other good looking cases? I like black and red, full glass panel and some lighting. Also if I do get the ML360R cooler, that would have lighting as well, so it would need to match?

A. dump the 2080, get the 2070Super. Same performance, lower price. the 2080 goes EoL anyway
  1. with the launch of the Ryzen 3700X I'm very conflicted as to whether the 9700k is still the best buy. For 240Hz - of course it is. but once you game at 1440p, the GPU will be your limit anyway and the Ryzen is at launch only marginally slower + has 8 more threads, so it will definitely age better (judging from the old quadcores with and without hyperthreading). Overclocking the 9700k however does get you a bit more out of this chip. at stock speeds, I'm very inclined to suggest to just go for a Ryzen 3700x instead (with corresponding mainboard)
  2. Gigabyte is the master of the Z390 chipset, Asus' Z390s are not that good in the lower/midrange. as for the differences between higher end and lower end boards: higher end boards come with everything - better and beefier VRMs, more expansion slots, better board design, etc. - lower boards compromise. for example a Z390 Aorus Master supports up to 3 GPUs in Crossfire, has 7 internal USB headers and 10 external USB ports. The way cheaper Z390 Gaming X (not even their low end board) only supports 2 AMD GPUs, has 4 internal USB headers and 8 external USB ports. and this list can get longer. Better Audio and LAN chips, higher supported RAM speeds and so on. You don't need a highend board but I wouldn't buy the entry level series (unless you're going Ryzen with a X570). Something like the Arous Elite / Pro / Designare is what you should be looking at.
  3. you don't need liquid coolers at all. but I do would go for a 280mm-360mm if you do. The Kraken is stupdily overpriced - for that price I can almost get a custom kit with a better everything. der ML360R should work fine.
  4. I'd look at the various cases of the Phanteks Enthoo Series.
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Sep 13, 2002
16 Can tell you if everything is compatible and kosher with your system so I would use that website to do your build and they will find the lowest prices for you for all your components