Question Chrome automatically switching from desktop view to mobile ?


Jan 26, 2014

I have a problem with Chrome browser under Win 10 system automatically switching to mobile view mode. It makes pretty much everything more difficult in terms of desktop user as it's not only the appearance.. For instance google searching, watching videos etc. I have tried to switch device by pressing F12 and using toggle device toolbar. Once in 10 attempts it works but then the only solution is clearing browsing data, cookies etc. As i have to do it a few times a day it's incredibly annoying. Does anyone know a better solution?

Thank you.


Any pattern to the "automatic" switches: for example, time = every x number of minutes. Maybe the switch follows visiting certain websites or the launch of some other app or utility.

Any power savers configured? Disable to determine if that may be the problem or some part of the problem.

Any programmed key combinations in other apps/games that could simulate the F12 toggle?

If the "automatic" switches occur randomly then Window's Reliability History and/or Event Viewer may be catching some error, warning, or related informational event.

Look in Task Manager and Resource Monitor - could be some stray, unexpected "something" running in the background causing the switches to occur. Intentionally or perhaps just a software bug.

Maybe something slipped in via Task Scheduler.

Take a look about and see what, if anything, you can find.

If nothing then back up bookmarks etc. and then reinstall Chrome.