Question Chronic stuttering in games (no loss of FPS)

Aug 13, 2020
Hi TomsHardware. I received parts for a pc build about 5 months ago and have been having issues ever since. When I am playing a game I get a stutter every 5 or so seconds that doesn’t cause any frame drops.

So far to resolve this issue I have RMa’d my motherboard (in addition to purchasing a matching motherboard to test), checked running temperatures of gpu and cpu, tried two different gtx 970s as well as a gtx 2060 super, I have installed Windows 10 on multiple different drives (m.2 and standard ssd), tried two different cpus 2400g/3600, done a full re-install of windows with all drivers included, enabled performance mode as well as a few other settings (please suggest even if you think I may have tried them I am desperate for a resolution) , I have tested multiple different Ram 16gb 3000mhz 16gb 3200mhz, and finally I have tested multiple monitors including a high end adaptive sync and gsync monitor 144hz 1440p. I appreciate anyone who attempts to solve this with me. Thank you

current specs

gpu gtx 970
CPU amd 3600
Ssd Samsung m.2 128 gb/Samsung evo 840
Ram 16gb 3000mhz Corsair vengeance
Mobo Asus Rog strix b450-f gaming
Psu Corsair 850 plus gold certified non modular