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Let the buyer beware. Tom’s is not eBay, Tom’s is not Amazon, Tom’s is not PayPal. We will not and cannot adjudicate between disputing parties in a transaction, because we simply are not set up for that. The Classifieds section is set up as courtesy. We highly encourage all users to use a service like PayPal for all monetary transactions. WE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT HELP YOU RESOLVE ANY DISPUTES.

This section is intended for use by individuals to perform transactions. Commercial sellers are strictly prohibited, as per forum policy. All the current rules and policies of the Tom’s Hardware forums apply here, in addition to policies unique to this section. Users who do not abide the policies of the forums and those unique to this section will have their thread/posts removed in addition to other disciplinary actions as warranted. We are not responsible for any losses or damages that come as a result of a transaction conducted in these forums. By utilizing these forums as a place to purchase and sell products, you release Purch, Tom’s Hardware, its affiliated sites, and its employees from any and all responsibilities and liabilities.

The following rules are imposed, effective immediately, to protect both buyers and sellers, to ensure a smooth transaction, and to keep this section clean. Please read and follow these guidelines or your ad/post will be subject to deletion. We reserve the right to revise these rules without notice as we deem necessary.

  1. These threads should be labeled accordingly, with a [WTS] (Want to sell) or [WTB] (Want to buy) at the beginning of the thread title.
    1. Kindly refrain from the excessive use of caps lock in thread titles
    2. Thread titles should contain an accurate name of the item(s) you are selling or looking for.
    3. When listing multiple items, if you have sold/bought an item listed, please update or edit your post and thread title accordingly to reflect this.
    4. When all listed items have been sold/bought, please add a [CLOSED] or [SOLD] / [BOUGHT] to the beginning of your thread title.
    5. Whenever possible, please add tags to your thread to indicate what kind of product you are selling/buying (Motherboards, Graphics Cards, Storage, etc). This will allow users to search by product category, and may get them to your listing faster!
  2. Include your country and state/region of residence either in the title or in the opening lines of your post. Tom’s is an international community, and shipment/currency conversion can pose issues for some members. This will help clarify things and make it easier to identify localized products being exchanged.
    1. Threads in the Classifieds section, and only in the Classifieds section, may be “bumped” by the OP no more than once every 24 hours.
  3. Any threads or posts asking for donations and/or handouts will be deleted and the user will be issued a warning for their first offense; further offenses will result in bans, the length of which will be determined by the moderation team. This is not a charity, and virtual panhandling is not welcome.
  1. Each item being listed for sale must be accompanied by a picture of the item.
    1. This photo must include a handwritten sign that includes “Tom’s Hardware”, your forum username, and a physical timestamp of the current date. Text edited or added to the image will not be accepted.
    2. Photo should also include any packaging and/or accessories that will come with the item when possible.
  2. Include an asking price. Auctions are strictly prohibited.
    1. Please indicate whether this price will include shipping costs or if shipping will be determined separately.
  3. Include a link to the product page when possible.
  4. All offers and negotiations should be conducted via PM.
  5. If you are only willing to ship within a specific area/country, please make that clear.

  1. Include as much information as possible on the item(s) you are seeking. Provide the exact model or brand, or a link to the product page if possible.
  2. If you have a budget or a price range you'd like to stay within, please include that in your post as well.
  3. Include your location (country and state/region) for shipping purposes.
  4. Do not provide your exact address. Provide this to the seller via PM once all other details have been worked out
  5. All offers and negotiations should be conducted via PM.

  1. It is strongly advised that all buyers/sellers utilize a payment system such as PayPal to protect themselves in terms of monetary exchange. TOM'S HARDWARE WILL NOT SETTLE ANY DISPUTES, NOR ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES AND/OR DAMAGES.
  2. Sellers should be prepared to ship their item(s) out in a timely manner once payment is received. Buyers should be prepared to send payment to the seller in a timely manner once an agreement has been reached.
  3. Any member that knowingly takes advantage of or exploits other members will be permanently banned, without exception. Any type of false or questionable payment methods, irrational discrepancy between the item listed and the item received, or any other form of discrepancy pertaining to monetary/item exchanges will fall under this rule.
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