Question Clearing screen lock on Windows without keyboard

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Jul 9, 2011
Our computers at work have a screen lock that's required by corporate but in our environment serves no useful purpose. In the past we put up bar codes so users could scan those instead of typing in the password. I got creative and replaced those with programmable buttons. Press the button and it inputs a tab, the password, and Enter. Works great, the users love it... but corporate IT security probably wouldn't.

I'm looking for another way to do this. I think the ideal would be a small device that would plug into the computer via USB and then the operator would wave their badge over it or near it to clear the screen lock. This for around 200 computers, so a solution that costs hundreds of dollars for each installation won't work.

I've looked at RFID, HID and Bluetooth solutions, but they seem to more geared toward access to doors and output a string of numbers, which obviously won't work.

By the way, you can do a lot of neat stuff with those programmable buttons!

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


What you ask of us, is illegal. You need to talk with your corporate IT security department and for the very least, ask permission. Perhaps even get a compromise regarding screen lock inconvenience.

Btw, your "programmable button" or planned "USB device" works as long as the screen lock password remains the same. But when that password is changed (which should be done at least every 6 months), your whole system comes crumbling down.
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