Question Clone Linux partion to new disk partition to boot


Apr 11, 2008
I'm thinking of cloning my 200 GB bootable Linux partition to a 2TB NTFS drive which already has 500GB of data on it al in one partition.

My idea is to create say a 500GB partition on the 2TB drive then copy/clone the Linux drive there.

I want it it be bootable though.

Would this work or would I have to clone/copy to the full 1TB, deleting the data on it?
"Cloning" with a typical "cloning" application usually implies "the whole drive, all partitions". The new (larger) drive becoming a replica of the old (smaller) drive. As far as I know, the entire destination drive would be wiped out as part of the cloning process.

You may mean something else when you use the term.

I'd think in terms of "imaging and restoring the image" rather than cloning.

You can image individual partitions and restore any or all of them.

You can image an entire drive (all partitions) and restore all of them. And then later delete the partitions not required for booting.

As far as I know, Macrium can do it:

Never done it.