Question Cloned SSD Will Not Boot (Windows 10)


Feb 19, 2009
Hey Guys -

After issues with my 512gb ADATA M2 SSD, I had to RMA it. Therefore, I used Macrium Reflect to clone all of its partitions directly to a 256gb Samsung 850 Pro. I did so, shut down, disconnected the M2, then booted back up to the 850 without issues. Recently, the RMA came back and I installed the new 512gb M2. I performed the exact same procedure to clone the 256gb to the 512gb, shut down, and booted to the M2, but it gets stuck in a boot loop. I've tried this 3 times after attempting different things alongside notes listed below, but still have the same issue. Unfortunately, I cannot post to Macrium's forum since I used the free version.
  • After post, a spinner appears as usual but instead of going to the desktop, it restarts the PC without any notification
  • After failed boots, a message appears stating there's an issue with the OS with options to Restart or Advanced. Choosing Advanced seems to crash as it restarts the PC as well instead of showing the menu
  • First attempted shut down then boot immediately after clone
  • The clone reproduces the exact partitions therefore leaving 256gb of unpartitioned space so I tried expanding the Primary partition after cloning & before attempting boot to it
  • BIOS is set to UEFI + Legacy
  • Testing boot by editing UEFI boot option to select which drive Windows boot manager should use - it only lists the two SSDs with OSs
  • Created a repair boot ISO in Macrium and from it choose to Repair Windows Boot on the M2 which seemingly succeeded, but made no difference upon restart
  • Attempted unplugging the 850 altogether then booting to M2 with same issue
  • Verified that all partitions were cloned (Recovery, EFI, & Primary)
Any suggestions you have including perhaps a different tool to use would be helpful - Thanks!