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    Question New SSD - How do I migrate data?

    Hello, I recently bought a Samsung 860 evo 1 tb ssd. Would I be able to transfer specific files on my hard drive to my SSD? (including windows, a few games, steam). Is there a software to help me with this, or will I have to do it manually? I currently have a 1tb HDD with 200 gigs left, and I...
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    Question cloned my hard drive to m.2 SSD. BIOS not showing the SSD as boot option. Help?

    I need some help with this please. Some info about the PC, will add if need more: MB - Asrock b450m hdv SSD - Sabrent 256gb m.2 SSD Hard Drive - 500gb seagate HDD Thanks in advance for any replies! ~ ThatCoolAsian
  3. Question Unsure whether to remove broken Linux installation in dual-boot mode with Win 10 before cloning to SSD

    Hi folks, I have a dual-boot setup with Win 10 and Elementary OS Juno in the HDD of my Lenovo Y700. The Linux worked great for a few weeks, then it started booting up to initramfs. I tried a bunch of commands I find online but none worked. Last week I installed an SSD (970 Evo+ 500GB) and I...
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    Question Printer issue after cloning SSD

    I recently upgraded my SSD (to 1TB 860 Evo) so i decided to copy/clone my old one on my new ssd everything works perfectly fine except my printer. My pc can’t find the printer (but other PCs do). I can’t reinstall my drivers because the HP software says that it can’t connect to the printer...
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    Question Help replacing an old (2010) HDD with a new HDD and an SSD

    I just want to move from an old MBR drive to one of two new drives. I'd like for the new drives to use GPT, partially just in case I want to upgrade again later, even though the new drives are not larger than 2TB. Old drive is a 1TB that was originally in an HP desktop I bought in 2010, and...
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    [SOLVED] Clone? Or reinstall (latest clean install of windows is 4 days old)

    Hello everyone, I did a clean install of my windows a couple days back, I upgraded to W10 for the newest AMD drivers. Today, I got an SSD for my birthday. Can I clone it to the SSD? There's barely old files to clean up anyways. Or should I still go for the clean install again? Thanks in advance!