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  1. A

    Question Migrate and Merge 2 Drives Into One new Drive ?

    Hi guys, so here is my current set up : MB : Asus ROG Strix B365-G Gaming i7-9700K Disk 0 (drive D) : Samsung NVMe 970 EVO Plus 500GB (for programs instalation folders) Disk 1 (drive C) : Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB (windows 10 pro 64bit boot drive) Disk 2 (drive E) : Seagate HDD 1TB (for...
  2. labyrinthine

    Question Cloned SSD dependant on old HDD filesystem?

    In july i bought a new 2tb SSD to replace my 2tb HDD. cloned the hdd to my ssd using macrium & everything seemed to work fine, but i procrastinated taking the hdd out. today i finally decided to take it out, but when i booted it had reset all my user settings, couldnt log in to microsoft, and...
  3. F

    Question PC not booting after new M.2 SSD install ?

    Hi all, I just got a 1 TB Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD to use as my new boot drive instead of my current 250gb SSD. However, when I install the M.2 SSD, my PC won't boot from my current SSD and only shows a blinking cursor on a black screen. I'd like to avoid doing a fresh install and just want to...
  4. Timizorzom

    Question 0MB Free Space after Cloning SSD ?

    ### Background I have an SSD connected by SATA running my OS. It's 128GB and has been due for an upgrade for a while. A few days ago, I bought a 1TB SSD M2 and I've been trying to clone the OS to it. Most programs I tried failed or were paid, but I remembered I tried (and gave up) cloning from...
  5. _dawn_chorus_

    Question AOMEI clone wants to make C drive partitions larger, does this matter?

    Trying to clone the C drive on my laptop to a larger ssd. If I select "add unused space to all partitions" it wants to double the size of the EFI system partition and also of the recovery drive, as well as the main boot partition which is where I actually want the space added. Will there be any...
  6. R

    Question Cloned SSD

    My olds 250gb SSD where my OS was installed is now missing after cloning it to a new 1tb SSD. Not sure why but the system recognizes it is there but not showing up not sure what to do really.
  7. G

    Question How To Clone A Hard Drive

    I have. a laptop that the drive is clicking when booting up, def a bad sign! I am wanting a way to clone this drive to a new drive w/o over working the drive to death. Should I use something like Macrium Reflect? I know that requires the drive to be powered on and in windows? Is there a...
  8. M

    Question Clone Win7 to 970 Evo M2 NVME

    I'm looking to upgrade to Win10 soon, win7 -> win10 rather than clean install of win10 preferably. In preparation for that picked up a 2tb 970 evo plus M2 NVME. Installed it (z270, msi m6 ac. ), can see it in disk management. Cloned my SSD with Win7 to the 970 and tried to boot from it, only...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Cloning small SSD to a larger one ?

    I have a 60 gb ssd as boot drive and now it's on red. I just ordered a 256 gb to hopefully replace it can anyone help me how to clone the ssd? I heard of macrium reflect is good, can anyone explain how to use it please? Thankssss
  10. B

    Question How do I fix this sata/M.2 clone boot issue with my Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING II motherboard?

    Hey everyone. Please see my saved parts here I tried cloning over the 500GB M.2 boot drive to the 1TB M.2 drive (with Marcrium). But I can’t boot from the 1TB Drive after cloning. The compatibility notes say: "When the motherboard M.2 slot M2_1 is used, two SATA 6 Gb/s ports are disabled "...
  11. Interested12

    [SOLVED] New m.2 SSD will not boot

    I just purchased a new Samsung 1TB model 970 to replace my almost full 500MB 970 m.2 . I activated the new HDD and selected Simple Volume on Disk 1 and MBR. I did a quick format. See two attached files. I WAS going to attached a bunch of screenshots here but all I get is a box to put a URL...
  12. K

    Question Having Trouble Cloning Existing SSD to new Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    As the title suggests, I'm having issues cloning the existing boot disk on my Dell G7 laptop to a new Samsung 970 EVO Plus. The target drive is larger than the original one, so space isn't the issue. I am using an Anker nvme enclosure and while Samsung Magician and Samsung Data Migration will...
  13. StonedAKhana

    Question Make ssd boot drive without losing files already on the ssd

    I already have files on the ssd, how do I make it a boot drive without losing what’s on it?
  14. A

    Question Cloning OS to a specific partition

    Forgive me if this has been asked a hundred times before, I figured this would be a common question but I cannot for the life of me find any threads of someone moving their old OS to another drive without having the new drive wiped first. This ended up longer than expected so there's a TLDR at...
  15. J

    Question Cloned SSD wont boot

    Hi, Recently I decided to upgrade my SSD in my HP Pavillion from 256gb built in samsung SSD, to 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus. First, I attempted to clone the disc using samsungs data migration software, however, it appeared this was not going to work as the tool is greyed out and will not allow...
  16. M

    Question CrystalDiskinfo Current Pending Sector Caution

    Hey there , I heard a clicking noise on my HDD 2 days ago and my screen kept freezing. I downloaded CrystalDiskinfo and HD Sentinel and I found that there were the following errors on my C: D: E: (my BOOT drive) C5 Current Pending Error 170 C6 Uncorrectable Sector Count 170 CrystalDisk Info...
  17. S

    Question Cloned SSD not booting

    Hello, I had recently cloned my 1TB WD Blue HDD to my Kingston 240GB SSD. Upon cloning, I had just wanted to clone the system and with AOMEI I had done so. After doing this I had waited 8 hours or so and everything seemed to have copied over. Including the partitions and system files. I had also...
  18. Jwpanz

    [SOLVED] Cannot Clone - Samsung Data Migration

    Having an issue on my Windows 11 Pro PC with Samsung Data Migration. I am trying to clone my 970 Evo Plus (500GB, C drive) to my new 980 Pro (1TB). The tool will run and hit 99% only to fail with the error stating an unknown operation caused it to fail. This is not my first time with the...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Windows not booting

    Tried all the basic stuff, let me run through whats going on. I have an 2tb nvme with windows. Wanted a clean installation, so I decided to first clone that nvme onto a HDD so I can boot from that if something goes wrong. Cloning the HDD worked, but it wasnt able to boot. Couldnt figure it out...
  20. wittypixel

    [SOLVED] Bought a SN850 500GB, how do i clone from a samsung 970 pro

    The goal is simple. would like to clone my 970 pro 256GB to my new SN850 500GB. I would really like to avoid having setup up apps and windows again because I don't have as much free time as i did before :) I did download the acronis true image from western digital support page. Could that be...
  21. J

    [SOLVED] Nervous to upgrade from win8.1Pro - win10

    Hey Folks, Been running a home built editing (video/audio) PC on Win8.1 Pro (using start8 to stop the gumby tile thing) for the past 6 years or so and it's just working so so nicely I'm loathe to upgrade it to Win10 but I'm starting to feel like a bit of a dinosaur and finding some software is...
  22. zathazar

    [SOLVED] Upgrading C: Drive

    Currently I am running my C: Drive along, with a few other applications, on a 250Gb Corsair M.2 drive. I am wanting to clone everything onto a 500Gb M.2 drive (OS and the other apps) but not sure on the right way to do it. What is a good guide/application to use to transfer and clone the data?
  23. C

    [SOLVED] Installing the same OS on multiple computers

    I'm looking for a way to install all my software on one PC and then to copy that hard drive to other PCs. I've been reading about cloning and imaging, and I'm still not sure on which would be better. I would like to put this on the server, and reinstall from there. I've gotten a Windows 10 iso...
  24. Borracho

    [SOLVED] If your TPM is alright but Health Check still says no... all likelihood your BIOS still has CSM turned on...
  25. Jave10

    [SOLVED] Switching from HDD to SSD. Macrium Reflect gives me "Error 9" "23 - Data error (cyclic redundancy check)"

    I just decided that I should use my SSD as my home drive after I got a new 2tb data HDD. However, when I try to clone, I get "Clone failed - Error 9 - Read Failed - 23 - Data error (cyclic redundancy check)". Also, whenever it gives me the error, I get a windows 10 notification saying that the...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] Help With Transferring Data

    Hello all! I recently bought $500 worth of pc parts to put together a new computer for my boss. He has a 10 year old computer with 2 mirrored hard drives in it. For the new computer I bought a 250GB SSD and a Terabyte hard drive. I was hoping to put windows onto the SSD and to clone the contents...
  27. GeoGroen

    [SOLVED] Cloning M.2 to SSDs in RAID 0 (and boot from the RAID disk)

    Hello gurus Currently running: OS: Windows 10 x64 Mobo: Asus Prime A320M-K Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Gen 3 Storage: Western Digital Blue M.2 SATA 500GB Recently installed three Western Digital Blue 2.5" SSD SATA 1TB drives and went into Disk Management to set up a new striped volume. This...
  28. S

    Question Cloned C;drive SSD hdd works fine but startup logo and bios is unreadable, please help !

    hope the image works once in windows desktop etc it all works fine just at the start up which is unreadable... any advice etc on this would be awesome please? View:
  29. I

    Question Cloning boot drive to smaller drive using Macrium Reflect

    I'm trying to clone my Windows 10 boot drive (1TB, of which 450GB used) to a smaller HDD (500GB). using Macrium Reflect (free edition). The boot drive has 2 partitions: 1 - NTFS Active: (shown with usage 338.63GB / 930.99GB) 2 - NTFS Primary: (shown with usage 453.3 MB/ 536.0MB) I've done...
  30. Danifantom


    Hello my friends, I've spent the last 7 days trying to clone my SATA SSD to my new NvMe SSD in the hours after work. So my problem is: My cloned NvMe won't boot, it throws BSOD "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE". A fresh install works, but I really need it to be cloned for various reasons. Now, the...
  31. W

    [SOLVED] It was going to be so easy...

    I have an ageing i7 PC and decided to make start on replacing it with another PC I got an i5 9400F which I was surprised has more cores than the old i7, though less threads It was a bargain with Win 10 already installed. But it had a small SSD so i purchased a PNY 480Gb at the same time with...
  32. F

    [SOLVED] Can i install windows 10 on hdd until ssd arrives?

    I just got my cpu today and i can build my pc now, but my ssd is arriving next week so could i install windows in the HDD ultil my ssd arrives and then pass it, i´ve heard something about cloning the hard disk.
  33. DV4PER

    [SOLVED] How do I clone OS to a partition on a larger HDD?

    This is moved over from a different thread on the advice of USAFRet. I have a HDD that is encountering errors so I am wanting to clone the OS and the accompanying System Partitions to a larger HDD (8TB). (The M: Partition will not be cloned along with C: D: and N: as it doesn't contain any...
  34. A

    [SOLVED] cloned nvme bitlocker boot drive with macrium free and now original boot drive wont boot

    So i wanted to clone my nvme boot ssd to another nvme ssd so i could reuse the one in my computer for another purpose. I chose to download Macrium Reflect free to clone the two same size nvme ssds. My boot drive is bitlocker encrypted. I put the drive i wanted to clone into a usb 3 nvme ssd...
  35. HnyBear

    [SOLVED] Best way to copy entire boot drive to new drive?

    I am currently running a i7-7700k build but am upgrading to an all new setup. New MB, CPU, RAM etc etc. I'd like to be able to copy everything off my C drive, also my Windows/boot, which is a 512GB SSD and put it on my new 2TB M.2 drive. I'm trying to avoid having to do a reinstall of windows...
  36. Chezzy

    [SOLVED] Old HDD as a sencondary drive

    I just bought an SSD yesterday to upgrade my old HDD and thought about cloning my system from my HDD to my SSD. I did some research and clone it as soon as I got my SSD. But problems starts appearing, namely because of different size issue, the program that I use and transferring issues. And so...
  37. L

    [SOLVED] Any value in defraging an HDD C drive before cloning to SSD and booting from it?

    I've purchased and SSD and I'm going to attempt to clone my existing HDD and making the SSD my main drive. Question is, should I defrag my HDD first? I haven't done that in 5+ years, but don't know if there's any value in doing that before I clone it to the SSD. Thanks you!
  38. B

    Question Cloned SSD Will Not Boot (Windows 10)

    Hey Guys - After issues with my 512gb ADATA M2 SSD, I had to RMA it. Therefore, I used Macrium Reflect to clone all of its partitions directly to a 256gb Samsung 850 Pro. I did so, shut down, disconnected the M2, then booted back up to the 850 without issues. Recently, the RMA came back and...
  39. I

    [SOLVED] Clone HDD to SSD

    I bought a SSD and want to clone my HDD to the SSD and make SSD as primary boot drive. I just want a short and easy step by step guide before i start. What i know so far is - you clone the HDD to the SSD then restart your PC and open up for the BIOS and make the SSD as primary boot up. And then...
  40. I

    Question Clone disk/partiton from HDD to SSD

    I bought a SSD (1TB) and want to get my OS to my SSD and some other stuff too example games to get a faster loading speed. I found out how i can only clone the Windows to the SSD by AOMEI Backupper Standard. But how do I choice what i want to get cloned to the SSD. My HDD is 1TB and around 30GB...