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  1. Dean Grey Beatz

    Question Cloning hdd to ssd failed cant boot into windows after chkdsk/f

    Bought a 1tb ssd to upgrade my old PC X58A-UD3R rev 2.0 I7 930 stock clock has ben oc before 2 x ( 3x2gb ) corsair ram Hd 6750 850w master cooler silent, now 420w cool master. Tried cloning old hdd to ssd got errors, ran chkdsk/f . System needed to restart went to restart black screen. Left it...
  2. PhilippK

    Question Win 10 does not boot after Clone, BIOS takes ages to show up

    So I cloned Windows from a 120Gb SSD onto a 480Gb SSD. I accidentally converted the 480 to a dynamic disk. Now I can't boot from either one and my BIOS take ages to show up. (POST-Screen gets shown for like 20-30 seconds) I have a WIN10 install disk, I can boot to it if I have my 120Gb SSD in...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Cloned 256GB SSD to 2TB SSD, new SSD freezing/hanging

    I’m trying to figure out if I did something wrong or I possibly have a bad SSD or it’s incompatible. I have a new Dell G5 5090 desktop with a Toshiba 256GB m.2 NVMe SSD on the motherboard. I bought an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB to take the place of the Toshiba and the secondary 1TB HDD. I cloned...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] I'd like to clone my OS from a HDD to an SSD, please help!

    I have done a lot of research as to what I have to do in order to make this happen. My first problem: The total used space on my HDD exceeds the total space on my 240GB SSD (unused, formatted for OS) 1st Q: Is there a simple way to move non-system files from the C:/ drive partition, on a 2TB...
  5. LoicM

    [SOLVED] cloning hard drive to ssd

    When cloning my windows 10 HDD to my new 1TB SSD, everything went all fine and it worked. My question is in file explorer it is showing 2 hard drives C and D, both around 200Gb which is normal on how much space I used up in the 500gb HDD and I am wondering are they my SSD? Also my old hard...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] Trouble adding an SSD to my rig.

    SO finally after 2 years I decided it was a good time to add a SSD to my rig. For a task that seems so simple it has caused me such a headache. I still am struggling to decide which cloning software to use but right now I am trying to Acronis True Image WD edition which I found purely from the...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] HDD>SSD clone boots to black screen

    I hate dealing with computers with a burning hot passion. I'm really up to the point of just running the damn thing over. Please help me before I do. I installed a bigger SSD in my main laptop, so now I want to use the old one for my secondary. After a whole day of trying, I always end up with...
  8. ptferg1234

    [SOLVED] What is the best way to transfer a windows installation to an SSD?

    I am going to help install a new M.2 SSD into my friend's system soon. I know that making a clone of the file system is one of the better methods for doing this, but I am not quite sure what the best method is o go about it. He only has the one hard drive in his system and he does not have...
  9. I

    [SOLVED] Need Help With New SSD Migration From Old HDD

    So, I have a 2TB HDD which is split into 2 different partitions, my system partition (C, 500GB) and another partition for games and stuff (with the remaining 1.5TB). I recently bought a 500GB SSD and i want to clone ONLY my C partition so i downloaded EaseUS Partition Master and when i tried to...
  10. Z

    Question Will i loose anything if i clone my SSD?

    I am using 120 GB SSD as a primary storage and have installed Windows there. I am planning to upgrade it to 500 GB SSD as the space in 120 GB SSD is not sufficient enough. I have installed many Apps and few games on my primary drive. If i clone the data of 120 GB SSD to 500 GB SSD, Will i...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] Cloned NVME M.2 Drive Not Showing Up In Boot Order? What Gives??

    Hi there, I just bought a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVME M.2 drive and I cloned my old 1TB WD Blue SSD to the NVME drive. Now I unplugged my old SSD to make sure I could boot from the NVME drive and it worked fine. However upon plugging in my old SSD to format it and use it for more storage my...
  12. F

    Question Transfer user account to new drive?

    I recently bought a 1TB SSD to replace my current 120GB SSD, and I've had absolute hell with copying my files over. Between cloning the drive and fresh installing windows and loading a backup, the closest I can get is having all of my files on my new SSD, but having them saved under a separate...
  13. V

    [SOLVED] Can I clone a drive that is not showing in Windows?

    I ran into a problem where windows wouldn't start normally. One time I stated my computer and booted into Macrium Reflect (outside of Windows) and there I tried repairing my my SSD boot drive. After following the instructions and rebooting a Windows screen came up with options of fixing the SSD...

    Question Cloned whole ssd to new ssd, new ssd wont boot w10.

    The error message says my PC needs to be repaired, the application or operating system couldnt be loaded because file is missing or contains errors. Error code 0xc000000e I already tried to rebuild the bcd in the command prompt after using a USB that had the installation media on it. Got all...
  15. griffinmt

    Question Upgrading ssd to larger model

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop which came with a 128gb ssd and a 1tb hdd. I want to buy a compatible 500 gb ssd to replace the smaller one (its in an m2 slot). There are no other open slots. How do i fully clone from the 128 to the 500 if the cant be mounted at the same time?
  16. G

    Question Help with booting from cloned SSD

    I'm building a new PC for my parents, but they have quite a bit of stuff on the hard drive of their current computer, so I thought the best way to handle it would be to clone their hard drive to an SSD. That seemed to go smoothly (running chkdsk on the old drive got me past the initial errors in...
  17. S

    Question New SSD - How do I migrate data?

    Hello, I recently bought a Samsung 860 evo 1 tb ssd. Would I be able to transfer specific files on my hard drive to my SSD? (including windows, a few games, steam). Is there a software to help me with this, or will I have to do it manually? I currently have a 1tb HDD with 200 gigs left, and I...
  18. T

    Question cloned my hard drive to m.2 SSD. BIOS not showing the SSD as boot option. Help?

    I need some help with this please. Some info about the PC, will add if need more: MB - Asrock b450m hdv SSD - Sabrent 256gb m.2 SSD Hard Drive - 500gb seagate HDD Thanks in advance for any replies! ~ ThatCoolAsian
  19. Question Unsure whether to remove broken Linux installation in dual-boot mode with Win 10 before cloning to SSD

    Hi folks, I have a dual-boot setup with Win 10 and Elementary OS Juno in the HDD of my Lenovo Y700. The Linux worked great for a few weeks, then it started booting up to initramfs. I tried a bunch of commands I find online but none worked. Last week I installed an SSD (970 Evo+ 500GB) and I...
  20. N

    Question Printer issue after cloning SSD

    I recently upgraded my SSD (to 1TB 860 Evo) so i decided to copy/clone my old one on my new ssd everything works perfectly fine except my printer. My pc can’t find the printer (but other PCs do). I can’t reinstall my drivers because the HP software says that it can’t connect to the printer...
  21. C

    Question Help replacing an old (2010) HDD with a new HDD and an SSD

    I just want to move from an old MBR drive to one of two new drives. I'd like for the new drives to use GPT, partially just in case I want to upgrade again later, even though the new drives are not larger than 2TB. Old drive is a 1TB that was originally in an HP desktop I bought in 2010, and...
  22. P

    [SOLVED] Clone? Or reinstall (latest clean install of windows is 4 days old)

    Hello everyone, I did a clean install of my windows a couple days back, I upgraded to W10 for the newest AMD drivers. Today, I got an SSD for my birthday. Can I clone it to the SSD? There's barely old files to clean up anyways. Or should I still go for the clean install again? Thanks in advance!