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Question Cloning an SSD to Mechanical Drive

May 27, 2020
I have just built a new PC.

My old machine isn't ridiculously ancient, so I want to keep it for surfing the net (to keep any rubbish off the new machine). I would, however, quite like to put the SSD which is in the old machine into the new one as fast extra storage and replace it in the old PC with a cheap mechanical drive that I have lying around.

I know how to clone a disk, but my SSD presently has Windows 10 on it and I want to know whether cloning this disk to a regular HDR will cause the licensing set up to go nuts, or do something stupid and stop me form using my genuine copy of Windows when I put this new drive back in the PC and try to boot from it?

I have cloned a regular drive to an SSD and that worker perfectly, but I have never tried it the other way around.