Cloning/Migrating HDD to SSD problems

Jan 29, 2019
I recently got a Samsung SSD EVO 860 1 TB and I'm trying to migrate/ or clone my hdd to it. When I first started it I tried to do it on EaseUS partition master and it would take about an hour and a half and get to the end and say disk read error so the system would reboot and the ssd would be blank. So I tried using Samsung's migration software it would get to the end and freeze. I've done countless unistalls to get the data down from the 750gb I started with now I'm down to 350gb. I've also done check disk and defrag everything is good but, now since I reduced my data it's taking 4 times as long to clone/ migrate and still times out or gets a error at the end. Any input would he much appreciated

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