Coil Whine Help Please!


Apr 26, 2012
I'm having some annoying coil whine. Call me crazy, but it sounds like the exact same sound is coming from the PSU and the GPU at the same time! Is that possible?

My PSU did start making some minor buzzing sounds the other day when I start it up, and I've determined that the sound is in fact coil whine. It usually goes away after my PC has been on for a few minutes.

I got an MSI GTX 780 Ti yesterday, and the coil whine is worse. When I launch a game, it's fairly loud. It's not as bad as I've ever heard, however as I previously had a 7950 that would down right whistle without a frame limiter.

I opened my case up, and the sound seems to be coming from whichever component I put my ear close to. However, I can hear it when the side panel is on due to the layout of my Silverstone case. Putting my ear up to the PSU exhaust you can clearly hear the coil whine coming from there.

Move over to the GPU and the exact same sound seems to be emanating from there, although not as loud. Are they whining in sync? Or is the sound coming from my PSU and just playing tricks on me? You'd think it would be easy to pinpoint but it's so puzzling.

Unfortunately, even though my PSU has 4 years left on my warranty, it doesn't look like Thermaltake will honor an RMA since I don't have my original receipt. I'm thinking about just buying a new one, but I'm halfway afraid that the GPU could be causing the sound (although I doubt it).

Lastly, it's not that the GTX 780 ti is putting a bigger load on my PSU, because before this card I had two overclocked 7950s. The coil had already started happening when I still had these cards, but it wasn't as bad and didn't appear to get worse under load.

I tried limiting frames on my 780 ti, but it makes no difference. Should I try a new PSU? I'm tempted to just run to Best Buy and grab a Corsair CX750 and try it out, but I think if I'm going to have to get a new PSU, I might as well get a quality 1000-1200 watt in case I decide to SLI later this year.

My current PSU is a Thermaltake Smart Series 850W 80+.

Sorry for typos (I'm on my mobile phone). Sorry for the long post, too, but I just want to be thorough. I would really appreciate some help!