Combining 1GB DDR2 RAM with two 512MB DDR2 RAM


Jan 10, 2007
It's me again - for those of you that don't remember my last issue... I had fried my motherboard out of sheer incompetence.

This time I'm taking some precautions before I just shove stuff where it shouldn't belong.

So, I bought a new Dell computer (because of their pay-per-month system) and it came with two sticks of 512MB DDR2 RAM (PC2-4200U). I also have a solo 1GB stick of the same specs.

My question is: Will I be able to combine all three sticks without messing up again? Or will I have to buy another solo 1GB stick if I want 2 gigs of RAM?

Thanks in advance... you're all wonderful people.


Seems to me that it depends on whether the computer has 2 DIMM slots or 4 DIMM slots. If the latter, I would think it should work (you may not be running in dual channel mode, but having extra RAM is more important).