Question Coming back to gaming world, suggest this PC build

Mar 4, 2019
Hello friends
I am new here and this is my first post
I left gaming 13 years backwhen my pc went outdated, it took lot of time but I am finally coming back to my world of fantasies
I have picked up components to build a PC for myself that can play all games at good fps and may also serve me for atleast 3 years
but as I have lost touch of ever evolving technology I really need your suggestions regarding my build.

Many Regards

MONITOR - Acer Predator XB240H 144hz 1ms 24"

TOWER - Mid Tower with 3 120mm fans


CPU- AMD Ryzen YD1700BBAEBOX 3.7GHz 7 Series

MB - ASUS EX-A320M Gaming AMD Motherboard

SMPS - Crosair VS Series VS650 650 Watt Power Supply Unit


MOUSE - Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Key- TVS Gold Mechanical

Sata - Barracuda 4tb
SDD - WD Blue 500GB

please suggest any thing I am missing, upgrades or downgrades
Due to the way the dies communicate within ryzen cpus, you will want ram that is at least 3000mhz for noticibly higher framerate, by 10-20fps in some instances.
Buy a b350 motherboard. They cost only a little more, but they are higher quality and can allow for overclocking, even with the stock cpu cooler.
The vs line of power supplies are bad. Id suggest a corsair cx650 or evga supernova g2 650 watt psu.
Is your ssd a blue or green model? The green models are pretty slow for an ssd.
Where are you located, and how does the price of a Ryzen 2600 compare to the 1700 where you are?

The 1700 is probably less worth considering unless you are planning to overclock it, since it's stock multi-core boost clocks are relatively low. The 2600 only has 6 cores instead of 8, but it maintains higher stock boost clocks, and can overclock higher, which is likely to provide more benefit in today's games, which don't yet tend to fully utilize those extra cores anyway. Unless the 1700 costs less where you are, I would probably find the 2600 preferable for gaming. Being second generation Ryzen, you would want a B450 motherboard to ensure that it is compatible out of the box though. And of course, as was said, faster RAM is ideal for Ryzen.