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Jun 1, 2015
Dota 2


Alright i am just gonna to skip the introductions and i am gonna try to keep this as short as possible. I mean hey who reads long reviews now a days. A video review is much more interesting and more interactive unfortunately time does not permit me. I shall just list out the pro's and the con's. Should you wish to try it i have added a support section for tutorials, Guides , Walkthroughs well most of my reviews will be having one

Dota 2 Is a free to play Moba game. Two teams consisting of 5 players each competing against each other. The primary objective is to destroy the opponent team's throne or ancient which can be attained via a variety of ways. It is also considered to be a form of sports known as E-Sports with this year's prize pool to be around USD $18,000,000. Yup 18 Million.

Those who are familiar with the concept of moba do not need an explanation here. If you are familiar with games such as League of Legends[LOL], Smite , Heroes of the Storm [HOTS]. THEN well i think i do not need to explain how this game works If NOT well damn buddy this is a review not a tutoring session.
I think i might explain the gameplay mechanics of the game with links and images for those who wish to know more regarding the game check at the very bottom of the review though.

Let us just go real quick through this alright

* Free To Play - 10/10. Done Right

* Gameplay mechanics - 9/10 but then again most of the moba games i have tried so far gets at least this much from me

* Graphics/Visual Quality - 8.5/10. Hey this is the best i can give it alright. If not for smite i would have give it a 9/10 or i just prefer 3rd person view.

* Times Playable - 10/10. Amount of time i spent on this > Combined amount of i have spent on on games from my childhood till now. As of this writing i spent 3074 hours or 128 days on this game and i am sure it applies to a majority of the other Dota 2 players too.

* Value For Money - 10/10. The game is FREE.

Community - ?/10. Depends on the individuals perspective. Mine would be around 5-9

Worth it - ?/10. Depends on the individuals perspective and sadly i feel that the time i spent on this could have been spent doing something more productive yet i still play at this point i am confused sure it does entertain me as a game does but yet it is not a game so i cant really rate it. It is a lot like the feeling you get when you play a sport you like when you are kid. Entertaining yes but sometimes it gets competitive that you do not consider it to be a game. Despite all that i am neither a pro soccer player nor a pro Dota 2 player. Kind of hard to get a analogy on this one

May or may not ruin your life. The choice lies with you.
You may experience a variety of uncontrollable emotions.

[+] FREE TO PLAY [This is one thing which was absolutely done right cannot emphasize enough on this feature. A Exemplary example of how free to play games should be made. Only thing that money can get you in this is - Cosmetics which can be attained without paying ]
[+] Exhilarating
[+] Rewarding
[+] Content creators are more acknowledged here [Steam Workshop - Heck i think this is also one of the main reasons why cosmetics keep coming in and and being traded a lot]
[+] Competitive
[+] Events
[+] Community

These Pros are actually affiliated with their new client reborn
[+] Change [It is refreshing]
[+] Custom games
[+] Apparently Supports lower end gpus or will support[Not yet so far]
[+] Fan Made Dota 2 videos [Possible due to the fact that source engine 2 models can be imported into sfm]

[-] Addictive
[-] Frustrating
[-] Depressing [It was for me at one point of time whenever i used to lose mmr. Ruins your day but hey i think i achieved inner peace [No thanks to shifu] considering it is not so depressing anymore]
[-] Steep Learning Curve
[-] Might either strengthen friendship or break friendship depending on the individual
[-] Community

These Cons are actually affiliated with their new client Reborn. These will be updated at a later date - Mainly when it is fixed
[-] The game is buggy. Not broken but buggy and i mean literally buggy.
[-] Server Issues [No idea if this is related with the client though]
[-] A bit unplayable for people with low end gpu's [Confirmed via friends. I believe it is being fixed even though source 2 is supposed to make it playable for people with low end gpus]
[-] Negative Emotions amplified [But then again i am surprisingly patient now a days thanks to dota 2 maybe i have learnt to deal with crap or maybe i just gave up on crap]

If you are new to dota or new to moba in general. Prepare for a huge learning curve.
Not much to talk regarding the game. Its a very nice Overhaul of Dota 1. It is Free to play. This game is the very definition of Free to play or what Free to play games should be like, the other So called Free to play games out there are nothing more than freemium games where you pay to dominate or pay to experience new heroes. Can't Emphasize enough of the free to play feature. Patches are there every few months which redefines the game creating new Metas and for those who like watching others play competitively there is "The International" which can be viewed for free. Then there are the 4 tournaments for the 4 seasons starting this year i believe the frankfurt major is upcoming

Support Section
For those interested in this game and for those who want to give this game a try. I have compiled a list of resources that you could go through or you could just jump right in and try via the dota 2 training tutorial.

The Minimum requirements [Please go through this first]
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz[Or so they say. Can't verify this]
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600 , Intel HD 4000 Series above
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: 512kbps
Hard Drive: 14 GB available space

Links to websites


Learning - The welcome to dota 2 you suck guide even though it may sound offensive this is a guide which has pretty much summarized the full game in the shortest yet most elaborate form so far. - If you prefer learning from the wiki - People who have general idea of what moba or rts is and would like to dive right in

Trading Sites - this site is also a gambling hub should you feel like betting your cosmetics. I got no idea why people do that then again i got no idea why people gamble.

Statistics [Your Statistics] - I recommend this site mainly due to the fact that the stuff which is available for premium users on dotabuff is available for free here.

Youtube [Should you feel the need to submit some of your plays or should you feel the need to watch others pro plays]

These are but a few.


Some of your favorite player streams i suppose. Sorry about this but i do not watch the games. It is a lot like soccer for me. I do not enjoy watching others play it. I gotta be the one playing for me to truly enjoy but if you enjoy watching others play i would recommend some of the current pro players. Check their stream

Sorry about the rather different approach to the review. I tried to condense in my perspective regarding the game with my rants and emotions. Going over it again i realize that some of the Pro's and Con's cannot be truly understood if you are new to this. It is something that must be experienced rather than read regarding. I would like to advice caution though MMO games have a tendency to take over an individual's life. It did for me at a certain point in my life but i outgrew it but the same cannot be said for some of my colleagues. I truthfully wouldn't recommend this game if you are a weak willed individual who lets their surroundings affect them. Hopefully my next review will be even shorter and contain less rants. Constructive Feedback is always welcome


Jul 6, 2015
I've only played the sniper in dota 2..... all the work to get him strong and you kill 3 guys and pwn them then the game is over..... lot of work for 40 minutes to have the game end before its done. lol I can't get OCD to this game.....
Jun 1, 2015

Ah yes. Sniper i think he got nerfed in the new patch. Well that is the beauty of the game. A game is not too time consuming. Once it is done it is done. Either you go for another game or you just leave. The games time consumption usually depends on the teams skill level. Games can be as short as 17mins or as long as 72mins. I would recommend you try new heroes. Check out the purges guide to dota. Really helpful for newbies.
In my opinion you should try some start to mid game heroes. Heroes who specialize in dishing out huge amount of damage start game. Carries are a most common pick by newbies and it is also technically a safe pick from a newbies point of view for the game will drag. Hero will be well farmed and be maxed out in level but it is not necessary that your opponent will be of newbie level. There will be team fights or ganks. If their supports or disablers or gankers whittle you down. The chances of you scaling late game is rather bleak thereby making you both negligible start and late game. The games victory condition is destroying the opponents ancient but it is built on coordination and team play. For a well coordinated and drafted team can easily outplay a team which is rather well farmed or such is my experience. Overall i would recommend that should you give the game a try again in the near future try some new heroes preferably start - mid gamers. Heroes who do well in both team fights and ganks. A nuker perhaps or a disabler. Their potential in the newbie hero picks is vastly underestimated(i think i totally forgot the newbie feel).
Jun 1, 2015

Ah well It all comes down to personal preference in the end. To be honest i personally prefer smite instead of dota 2 but at the end of the day the essential point is you were entertained. I personally haven't tried HoTs. Well i did apply for the beta but i just got a bit preoccupied when i received the code. goddamnit it i am just idling away now anyways. Any comment after this shall be responded to if it is related to the game review not to the game or the moba and feedback. Should i create modifications in the review feel free to leave your comments
I guess the main problem I have with DOTA is that the MOBA market is saturated. Yes, it's more polished then most, but it doesn't do anything new. And lets face it, item management nas Last Hitting is a pain most of us can live without. HotS by contrast got rid of items, and made central points of focus for each map, that makes different heros good for different maps, without any (usually) being OP. It changes the formula by stripping to down to its essentials, then building it back up with a slightly different spin.

DOTA is a good game, but I personally prefer what HotS did with it's gameplay. I'd personally give DOTA an 8/10, since it's gameplay is just overdone at this point, but to each his own.
Jan 28, 2019
If someone would be interested in watching all dota2 tournaments, or other esports for that matter, is a good site to use