Question Comparing performance of my laptop to an older version I saw on YouTube and my laptop runs way worse than it could.

Jul 5, 2019
I have the lenovo e560 laptop that has 12GB of RAM, i7-6500U and both AMD r7 M370 and Intel HD 520 (I know it's not a gaming one). The problem is I did every setting to let it run as good as it should be but it won't, games even CS:GO will run very bad on medium settings. I have to put the resolution scale to 70% to play newer titles. While the Laptop on the YouTube video has an older and weaker CPU and only single channel of 8GBs of DDR3 RAM runs everything on medium and still can get to reach the 60fps or more! What can I do?
I've asked the YouTuber about his settings and he said he changed literally nothing he just installed the games and started playing
I've done:
  1. Changed the settings to high performance from the AMD driver and from Win 10
  2. Reset the Windows 10
  3. Installed throttle stop and AfterBurner to lower clock speeds and maintain the temps.
  4. Made sure that the AMD runs not the Intel.
  5. Got CPUCores on steam for free and I hoped it will be able to get me some few fps changes but did nothing but slowing down the laptop.
  6. Latest AMD drivers installed
  7. No background running apps/services
  8. No start up running apps