Question COMPLEX QUESTION Raid0 Driver (Cant Install Windows)

Feb 20, 2023
Hello, im currently trying to setup a Raid0 Configuration and i cannot get the correct drivers while installing windows. I get to the partition spot and it wont install windows cause it needs the driver. I tried installing some newer drivers and i get “Contact Vendor For Updated Driver”

My RST Bios says i need Intel RST RAID Driver I CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE

i7 9700k
nzxt kraken x63 cooler
16gb corsair vengance pro 3600mhz
750w corsiar RM750
you might find that the raid driver is tied to the firmware version of the bios.
IE you update the bios then the raid driver provided by the motherboard vendor should install.

Note: if you do use raid 0, burn a copy of the driver and matching bios and put it inside the case so you have it in the future.
I generally tell people not to install raid 0 these days since I have had people want me to recover data from these devices after their system got wiped when a the correct version of the driver was lost. I remember a tax accountant who had his whole business on a raid 0, and his backups were to the same drive. Took a lot of effort to fix his problem for him. The chip died and I had to find a exact old motherboard, put a old bios on it and hack a boot up.

he had no idea it was setup for raid 0, did not even know what it was. he just told the computer guy that he wanted a fast machine and that is what he got. Computer guy did not know how to fix the problem. He was my next door neighbor so I fixed it for him. I only made him pay for the recycled motherboard I got to fix his problem. $70 but It took 3 weeks to get the part and hack the fixes.

his big mistake was backing up to the same drive. thinking he had backup copies of one drive (mirrors) but he had a stripe (part data on each drive) could not put the striped raid drives on a different controller and get it to work.

was not fun.
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