Components compatibility - CPU, GPU, RAM and MOBO

Apr 25, 2018
I'm planning on upgrading my pc, by buying and additional motherboard, a ram stick, and a new graphics card. I've done a bit of research in terms of how compatible the following components are, but i'd like to get your opinions on this because I'm not all that tech savvy and could have easily overlooked an essential part.

My current cpu is i5 3350p. Will that go well with a

And a DIMM 8GB DDR4 2400MHz Geil CL16 Bulk

Would these go well with eahother?
Is there any reason why you want a new motherboard? If your current one is working properly then there probably isn't much reason to get a new one unless you are upgrading to a new CPU. The money would probably be better put toward other hardware.

What are the full specs of your current hardware? Do you plan on reusing other components than the CPU as well?

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