Computer blue screen crashes after loading doing boot (Windows 8)


Feb 13, 2014
Ok in this situation normally I wouldn't even bother trying to fix it ,rather just do a fresh install of windows 8.
I can't do that here ,because all the files stored on the hard drive are important. This isn't my computer and no the person I fixing it for has no backup.

So let me go over what I tried to do so far , keep in mind I'm not that knowledgeable about the using the command prompt ,but I have no problems doing basic guide.

1. I tried to refresh the pc keeping the files.
*didnt work said the hd was locked.

2. I tried to rebuild the mbr
*didn't work said 0 installation of windows were detected , and fixmbr command said the file was missing.

3. Automatic repair
*useless as always

4. Someone gave me the idea of trying to copy and replace the mbr file using the cmd prompt

*,but I have no idea how to do so and the step by step guide I used resulted in error.
(I could go more in detail about this ,and I am open to retrying to do this, but alone like i said not very knowledgeable about using the cmd prompt.)

5. Was suggested that I create another installation of windows 8 in dual boot that it would automatically fix the mbr on the first installation.
*The installation tool for windows 8.1 wouldn't let me create another partition. I don't have a portable hard drive that I can use , and connecting an external hard drive to the computer would be very difficult due to this computer being a pre built all in one dell. I don't think using win to usb would fix the mbr since I am not using the installation media ,but I am open to the idea if any has suggestions. If the best course is just for me to go buy a second external hard drive I am also open to that idea.

Also when I booted up the installation media and tried to create another partition I noticed that the main partition hard drive space matched the free space it had available . I'm really hoping that all my data wasn't deleted, on a side note though the other partitions looked normal.

How this happened?
I have no Idea , the only thing I can think of is when the power randomly turned off last week , but I remember it booting up fine just a day after that.

I am really open to trying anything if anyone willing to help!