Question Computer crashes under GPU load

Oct 11, 2021
My computer crashes when I play any games at all. I've checked memory, reinstalled it, mem health, etc--that's not the problem. Putting the PC under CPU load doesn't do anything. However, if the GPU gets a heavy load like any gaming my PC just goes black and starts restarting.

  • MOB: ASRock B450M/ac
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
  • GPU: PNY RTX 2060 Super Dual Fan 8gb
  • RAM: Oloy 8gb x2 3000
  • PSU: Thermaltake Smart series 500Watt
  • SSD: Barracuda 500GB
Everything above is about a year or so old from when I got it at least.

My CPU (idle) is around 50-55deg. Under load it's 80-85deg. My GPU (idle) is around 45deg. Under load it's 75deg.

Also, I caught this from HWINFO on my phone just before one of the crashes, I was opening up PC Building Simulator on my other monitor.

Side Note: My GPU when attached to the backplate looks like this. I don't think this should really affect anything, but I might be wrong, should I fix that?
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