Apr 12, 2021
I ran a couple of benchmark tests to see what configs I get better scores with. Whenever I overclock my CPU to factory OC (All cores 4.6ghz) I crash. Here is the link to the entire error log of both instances. I ran a benchmark, crashed, rebooted and ran another benchmark undervolted and crashed again. I know this is a huge bunch of data but I have no idea what I am looking at. I am sure that someone in this forum knows what to search for! I am wondering if my PSU is too low for my specs?

Error Logs

mb: Gigabyte x570 master
CPU: 5900x
GPU: AMD 6900 xt
ram: 32gb Corsair Dominator 3600mhz
2x 1tb NVME ssd
psu: Thermaltake 850w 80+ Gold tough power gf2
case: Corsair 5000d Airflow


What documentation are you referencing when you try overclocking?

Do be certain that the target OC values are supported. The system crashing may be in "self-defense".

As for the crashes:

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events.

Start with Reliability History. Much more user friendly and the timeline format can be revealing.

Look for critical events that you know occurred when OC was being tested/tried.

What Event ID's do you find?
If you're experiencing crashes when running stability tests, it's a sign that the overclock is not stable and you have to either reduce the clock speeds or increase the voltage. However, since 4.6GHz is already high for a Ryzen, I imagine it's already running at a really high voltage so pushing it further risks outright damaging it.

Not every Ryzen is going to clock the same. And to be frank, losing even say 0.1GHz isn't going to mean much in practice.