Question Computer crashing when using directx!

Jan 30, 2021
GPU: 3080
CPU: 10900K
Ram: 32GB
Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 80+ Platinum 850W

I started playing a game called Path of Exile with no issues when using the Vulcan api, other then game related ones. I switched over to DirectX11
because of the issues with Vulcan and my system started to hard shutdown and then restart. This happened while I was using my 3080.
I've since used my old 980 to test if the same would happen with it, so far 5 hours into it with no crashes.

I'm conflicted with what to think of this. Is my system shutting down because my power supply cant keep up with the 3080, or is my 3080 at fault. Also, why would the system run fine
while using the Vulcan API and crash when using the DirectX11. If it's running fine with Vulcan, would that mean something is wrong with the GPU then, something related to DirectX?

I'm just not sure what's going on. I want to post my issue here before I decide to ask for a replacement. Any thoughts are welcome.

Thank you!