Question Computer doesn't detect Hard Drive but detects CD/DVD

Mar 27, 2020
Hey everyone, I hope you are all staying safe during this outbreak. To give you guys a back story of how this came to be, my PC was a premade CyberPower PC. It has had many issues in the past. I finally got a new heatsink and set it up properly with paste (the paste was unevenly distributed and kept causing the CPU to over heat and power down the computer). A couple months later, my computer began to power down again. It was only every now and then. A few days ago, my computer just began shutting itself on and off, on and off. I of course go to google and it recommends a new power supply. The one I had was junk and was nowhere near what I needed anyway apparently, so I bought one. Yesterday I tested it and it was still powering on and off. I continued my search on the web and someone mentioned a faulty power button. I looked up a way to jumpstart the computer without a power button connection. I have been using a screwdriver to gently connect the two. However, now my computer is not recognizing my hard drive at all. It boots beyond the MSI motherboard page and tries 3 times to boot up the hard drive. I hear a single beep as I normally would. Then it comes to a screen where it says 2.2TB Infinity. The only boot up device listed is the CD/DVD. I am unsure how all these things happened together. The connectors for the front panel are all connected except for the power button. I have made sure all cables have been tightly and correctly placed. I am at a loss as to what the problem is now. Any help is appreciated. Stay well. Thank you in advance.


Oct 26, 2016
Try reseating all of the connectors a couple of times then take the circular watch battery looking thing (CMOS battery) out for about 30 seconds then put it back in.