Computer freezes a few minutes after booting; while browsing Chrome.

Aug 25, 2018
Hello people,

Strange things are happening to my old computer. Here are the specs.

Corsair TX650W
Intel C2Q Q9300 (stock frequency)
Asus P5E3
Asus HD 7850 DCUII
4x2GB Corsair 1333 Mhz
Samsung 840 Evo (250GB)
Seagate baracuda 230GB
Hyper 212 Evo

Currently using Rapid mode and Overprovisioning on the SSD.

Before explaining what is happening now, I have to mention a problem that occurred a few months ago, has been "fixed" but I think it might be related (still).
The system was running fine for 3 years straight with the current hardware when suddenly it couldnt boot. The BIOS couldnt find the SSD. So after messing a bit around, I used a new SATA cable to connect the SSD and it worked. Its weird though because I tried to use the broken cable on another system and its working fine.

Anyway, about a week ago, I disconnected the (crappy) keyboard and monitor to use it on my laptop. After connecting the peripherals to the computer again, strange things started to happen: the ASUS logo screen, that usually appears for a second before booting, was loading for ~15 minutes. it was rendering line by line. But the computer booted fine after the loading. I tried restarting to see if it happens again and this time, the logo loaded normally but the bios couldn't find a proper boot device. I had to manually set the boot priority from the setup again. After restarting, the ASUS logo was again loading for a long time. Long story short, I used another keyboard and this "loading issue" has been solved. But, a new problem started yesterday:

When the computer has been off for a couple of hours, and I start it up, I launch chrome to start browsing and the whole system freezes. I am forced to Hard reboot it, and after reboot its working fine (including chrome).
BlueScreenView doesn't report any errors. Same for malwarebytes (also in safe mode).
I ran ccleaner, installed all windows updates.

Any suggestions? thank you for reading