Computer freezes and stops output and input


Nov 10, 2017
Computer Specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen5-1600 Boxed CPU with cooler
Motherboard: ASRock AB350M-PRO4 AMD
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 16GM Kit DDR4 3200
GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1060 6GM
Old PSU: Aerocool KCAS-600W 80Plus Bronze Gaming Power Supply Unit
New PSU: Coolermaster Master Watte Lite 600W 80+
SSD: Kingston UV400 120GB
Wireless Adaptor: TP-Link

I have recently asked the shop to build a computer two weeks ago for gaming or high performance work such as photoshop or 3d animation and modeling. However, two days after it arrived and it started acting up:

It first freezes the screen (if there's audio sometimes it continuous or make that glitchy continuous screech) and a few seconds later it stops all output and input from my monitor, keyboard and mouse; in a sort of "limbo" where all the lights and fans within the case are still on. However, it stays on, and either I have to do a hard reset or pull the plug.

I have sent it back to the shop and asked them to fix it, so they test it by maximising everything for 44 hours, RAM Full drive or something. Nothing happened for them so they changed my PSU to the Coolermaster.

When I tested it, it froze again. Thinking it was the plug cable problem, I gotten another one and also bought a new extension cable, since my wall plug was far from my table. Didn't work, then I tried to test by using the wall plug directly. Of course, it didn't work.

I don't know what is the problem, and I've tried so many things, but I don't understand why this is happening. Please and Thank you for your solution and help

Update: I've tried some of the following things and none of them work:

- switched power cable plug
- switched power extension cord
- plug PC directly to wall plug
- separate PC's power source from monitors and other appliances (separate different multi-plugs)
- reduced pixel size
- leave headphone socket empty
- switched to different wall plug
- scanned for virus, updates, etc.
- switched monitors
- switched HDMI cables
- internet browser
- update Windows 10

now switching mouse

Now switching internet browsers

Note: It freezes when I open a window of Chrome and Word 2016


Dec 19, 2017
I'm kind of having the same issue with my ryzen build. When mine does it, the drive activity light stops blinking. Could you check that? Also, how long does the system run normally before this happens?


Mar 1, 2017
I've been having this issue on an FX-9590 build for several months now. This is the first post I've successfully dug up that seems to match my problem. Most of my freezes occur during high CPU usage, but sometimes it will run extensively for a long time without issue, but freeze just watching Twitch or YouTube. I've replaced RAM, motherboard, hard drives, graphics card, cooling system (In case of overheating). I believe it may be a CPU issue but since you have a brand new processor I'm not certain on that.