Computer Freezes, mouse and keyboard disconnect


Apr 12, 2013
So my computer, which has just come back from a new SSD installation as well as a replacement 1TB Harddrive replacement, has got PMS. Or something close to it. Basically, the computer has fits where it freezes and the keyboard and mouse disconnect (I have a gaming keyboard that lights up when it is connected, the computer will freeze and remain on but the keyboard will not connect). If I restart, sometimes the computer does not read my keyboard as being connected until after it has loaded windows fully.

At first I thought it was my keyboard (Logitech G510), however I have tried it with another keyboard and it still does the same thing. I have reinstalled graphics drivers, soundcard drivers, hell keyboard drivers/operating system has been reinstalled. RAM was replaced about a year ago due to a fault, and the old HD was replaced about 1.5 months ago with a new one, as well as an SSD for the operating system.

Computer continues to freeze, anytime between sitting idle, loading windows, or during a gaming sesh.

If anyone can offer me any idea's on what is wrong or how to discover what is wrong, please let me know!! I'm at my wits end!!


Jul 11, 2012
It might be the PSU if it is not providing adequate power. It should be at least 600 watts.

Try a different usb port for the gaming keyboard, usually one that's closest to the PSU.

You should give details to your specs so we can make sure that it is not the issue like incorrect ram etc.

Make sure your PC is dust free and clean it out if there is sthe slightest bit of dust but turn off the mains power to the PC prior to doing any cleaning.

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