Question Computer freezes or hangs very often


May 11, 2020
I am hoping somebody might be able to help with a problem.
My computer freezes or hangs very, very often. It will hang for a couple of minutes, then resume with the “pages did not shut down correctly. Restore pages?” message.
This seems to happen with Facebook a great deal and will seize within 30 seconds of opening FB. Every time! It also happens with other programs as well, but the FB really stands out. It does not affect email or Zoom work, if that is relevant.
The computer is used entirely for work. No games at all are on it. The Win 10 system, Microsoft Office suite and Adobe Suite are all legitimate, licensed through the university where I work. Since it’s a home computer, our IT department won’t deal with it.
The computer has 24 Gb RAM, Ryzen 5 1500X processor, Gigabyte AB-350 mobo and a very old Radeon HD6450 graphics card. Software is installed on a Samsung 500 Gb EVO SSD.
This is a home-build but I have not had a problem with it in two years.
Core temp is normal, fans are all working properly. If it was an issue with the power unit, the problem would show up no matter what I was working on; wouldn’t it? The inside of the computer has been cleaned for dust etc.
I have uninstalled and re-installed Chrome. No change. I have cleared the cache and search data. I have restored Windows to an earlier restore point. Event log shows a large number of warnings and messages but I am told that they are not really relevant to this issue.
I am reasonably tech savvy, but I don’t want to get into messing with the BIOS (past experience!).
Can you suggest what is causing this problem, and of course, how to fix it.