Computer freezing problems gpu ram processor


Oct 20, 2016
Hello guys. Im facing a problem with my computer. I bought this computer piece by piece 3-4 months ago.
All parts are new.
After playing some rainbow six in last 3 days my computer completwly freezes and its showing something on screen (see video below)
I tried restarting several times. Wasnt working. Conected and disconected all parts. Ram/gpu/coolers/ bios battery etc/ after a few tries started and worked for another 3 days. And i have this problem again.
Do you know what components can cause this type of problems ?

Sometimes didnt started without gpu installed.

Remember. The bios its showing up without any problems on any circumstances. But when windows tries to load its blackscreen and all usb parts are getting no power.
I think it might be ram problem or booting device. What do you think ?

Pc specs :
Processor : i5 8400 2.8 ghz
Gpu : Rtx 2070 msi
Ram : hyper x 2666mhz cl16 ddr4
Motherboard : PRIME H370M-PLUS
Hdd/ssd : samsung 860 evo + 250gb laptop hard drive
Cooler hyper212 led




Jul 18, 2018
I couldn't find much info on that PSU which is a bit scary, the only images I could find were of a 500w PSU with only 456w on the 12v rail which is an issue, I'd get a 650w Evga G3 if I were you as you seem to be playing with fire (and that could be quite literal).

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