Computer Hangs on startup!! Possible Solution!


Oct 9, 2006
Hey guys, I have heard many many war stories and many diffrent cases where this same exact problem has happened. persoanlly 4 diffrent comps and 1 laptop.

Problem: Computer hangs on the WinXP Screen and will not load..

Possible Cause: If this problem starts right after performing a windows update than please read on.

There is a problem with one of the security updates from windows. Somehow the file Update.sys becomes corrupt and this is where WinXP hangs. To verify if this is your problem, try booting in safe mode. If you computer stops loading safe mode at the file Mup.sys what this is telling you is that mup.sys has loaded properly however the next file did not. The next file to load in this string is Update.sys.
If this is true for you than please read on.

Solution: After reasearching for about 4 days on this I have tried many things such as disabling mup.sys as well as running checkdsk and bios flashing. None of these worked for me.

The only way I have found to fix this on all 4 of my comps and the laptop was this:
Toss in you WinXP CD and boot to it. When you arrive at the screen asking if you want to install windows, recover an installation of windows, or exit, Choose INSTALL.
The next screen will prompt saying that it dectects a current installation of Windows and than proceeds to ask you if you want to perform a brand new install or repair the current installation. Choose REPAIR.

Run through all the nessecary screens and when it finishes everything should be fine and you should be able to continue running without any problems.

Note: You can continue to do windows updates after the repair and you will be fine.

Note: Doing a REPAIR installation WILL NOT DELETE any of your current files so you should not worry about data loss. However if you do have important data on the HHD you may want to toss it into another comp and get all your important stuff off first.

Any questions comments or concerns please post here or send me a PM.


Hey man, I've done a repair before and my documents were destroyed.



Jul 2, 2011

hi dear, here is solution: press f8 when Pc boots (at boot screen) and you are done. window will boot.
i had this problem for two weeks then i found this simple solution and i was able to boot windows. try it
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Jun 28, 2011
I am pretty sure that this is the problem that I have. It might not be though.
When I try to play any games on this old desktop, after a while the screen goes blue, all i see is all types of words and number and symbols. In like 2 seconds the screen turns black. Then it says "monitor going to sleep"
Once it goes to "sleep", these words apply.

It says something like this (sorry I can't remember of the top of my head"
Insert a reboot device or/and press any key.
What should I do?
If it happens again, I will make sure to copy exactly what is says.

PS . If I press any key, the same sentence appears. I could press keys all I want, and the same thing will keep appearing. It is so annoying! :|


Oct 11, 2011
my pc hangs or freezes on start up. by using windows xp to repair its not working either because when you press the f8 key is not working.when you switch on the comps its brings a mark like hyphen and that is it. i can't repair nor do anything. i have changed the memory and its not working either someone help to resolve this