Question Computer not turning on....

Jul 4, 2020
So I not certain if this is ok to post here but I think my mobo died.

So I built this pc exactly a year ago and I was going to watch some vids online before bed and o turned it on and everything was fine and then I turned to say something to my wife and looked back and it was shutdown and dark.

I went to turn it on think I accidentally shut it down but it will not power back up at all. I see the light for the mobo start button is lit, but no other lights or fans spinning period.

I swapped the PSU out for the one in my wife's PC cause the 2 are exactly the same and my PSU runs her PC fine but mine still wont power on at all.

I believe it maybe the MOBO somehow burned up somewhere. I still need to take out the GPU and try that and I guess try each stick of ram.

Could my M.2 ssd's cause an issue? I did install a new one about 2 weeks ago.

My main concern is that if it is the MOBO, what are the chances it could have fried the CPU?

It was OC but only up 4.7 Ghz the hottest it ever got was 70 C but usually it hangs out around 45 C.

Mobo: ASUS Maximus Hero XI Wifi

CPU: I9-9900k

GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 3600 32 GB 2 sticks

PSU: Thermaltake GF1 850W

SSD: Intel 1tb cant remember which one atm
Western Digital SN850 (The new one added 2 weeks ago).

CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D 15

Like bunch of corsair fans and other Noctua fans, they are powered by a Corsair Commander Pro.

Only got like 2 air goo LED strips on the 12V headers
And 2 led strips on the 5v headers.
Jul 4, 2020
Is there anything displayed on those 2 diagnostic displays (top front part of the motherboard) ?
No. It's dark. But last night after doing something a friend suggested I power desaturated the system and when I plugged it back in the led lit up. The diagnostic display still stayed dark though.

I tested it all last night using my wife's PC parts and I am basically 100% sure it's the mobo. I tossed the CPU into her PC and it ran fine i unplugged the gpu and swapped out the ram and it stayed dark on mine. I cleared cmos nothing.