Question Computer not waking/no signal after wake

Apr 10, 2021

Out of the blue my PC does not wake or does not show input.
For Months I have been using the power button to simply sleep and wake PC but all of a sudden it will put it to sleep but will not wake. When it is in sleep, I press the power button and the fans start and rgb of cooler turns but the power LED is still flashing as it does in sleep mode. If it is waking then it is not showing a signal on monitor. Same goes for when I shake the mouse, it seems like it has started but no input signal until I restart computer. I have to restart or shut down although when I restart everything is still open so not sure about that.

System specs:
-AMD 5900X
-MSI Mag Tomahawk 570X Wifi
-32gb ddr4 RAM
-Samsung 970 evo m.2

I have tried the following: - Balanced and high performance power settings
  • GPU, CPU, Mboard Driver updates
  • Reset bios
  • Tried different monitor
  • tried both display and hdmi cable (plugged into GPU)
Any advise would be much appreciated.
What might have changed since all was well?
Perhaps windows has pushed out a less than good update.
See if you can't use system restore to reset your pc back to when all was well.

Is your monitor powered on when you press the power button?
Possibly, the monitor is not in a sleep state, but is fully powered off.

Try reloading the graphics driver for your GTX1080 directly from nvidia.